The journey begun with the objective in mind on how can we help ourselves to utilize spaces very well and be more comfort in our daily life. We own a decent home and we have problem in managing our space when more and more items being added year by year. Plus we seen the housing development started to build smaller houses such as studio apartment due to limited land spaces available. So we were thinking if we can help ourselves to maximizing the decent place that we can afford to have, we would definitely be able to help others as well.


We were looking for great save space furniture, save space rack, save space kitchenware and other save space creative products to help us in managing our spaces. IKEA always have something for us, something really really good. But to us, the great variety of products offered were either not what we are looking for or if there is, it is too pricey. We started to think “small” by dividing our home space into section e.g living area, bathroom, kitchen and many more. We started to imagine and visualize some stuff that would really beneficial to us.


The borne of SAVE ME SPACE was after lenghty research on design and quality materials. Day and night, wanting to have strong quality build products… And we finally met our manufacturing partner! Here we are with such awesome collection of items that could help people all over the world to save space!.. We are incorporated in Malaysia under SAVE SPACE PRO RESOURCES.


What we get, we will give back!. We love charity and will always be. With all the disaster, war, hunger and many other crisis going on all over the world, our target is to spend some portion of the company income on charity related matter. We will always find the best suitable channel to deliver this goal and will update our website or blog with our ongoing charity involvement.